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10 Hybrid Event Tips and Trends for 2022

Event marketers, planners, businesses, and individuals will explore a new events landscape in the coming year. We’ve heard dozens, hundreds, or maybe thousands of times over the past two years how the COVID-19 pandemic taught us to be flexible. We know the dilemma of connecting virtually with loved ones, coworkers, and clients. Hybrid events emerged to solve these challenges -- they cater to in-person and remote audiences. Still, they can be a challenge to pull off perfectly; as the saying goes, “with change (and some pain) comes growth” these changes instigated impressive innovation and new opportunities.

During this time, innovation will continue to bring about a new set of questions, opportunities, and concerns as companies leverage the benefits of hybrid events this year. Hybrid events are the best of in-person and virtual formats: they combine engaging face-to-face connections and immersive online experiences to engage untapped audiences. Event organizers can make the most of the program when planned and executed correctly.

While a virtual or hybrid event cannot compete with the energy and connection of an in-person event, there are several upsides to fully or hybrid virtual events. You can engage with more supporters and make your presentation accessible to them on a global scale, allowing anyone with an internet connection to attend.

Let’s look at the top hybrid events trends for 2022 

1. Expect an increase in hybrid events popularity

According to the Event Manager Blog, 71% of event organizers want to retain Virtual events elements even if in-person events open.

2. Multiple Micro Events Win

Expect to see multiple smaller-scale events spread across the 2022 calendar. Instead of significant, large-scale events, a hybrid event platform allows businesses to plan events on their scale. 

3. PR Strategies and Hybrid Events Overlap

Once thought of as a revenue source, events are PR activities. Rather than targeting a smaller number of people with a gated event, open virtual and hybrid events target people at multiple points in the sales funnel.

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