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Summer Party Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Guests Smile

We think there's nothing quite like a summer get-together. Childhood memories of sparklers crackling in the dark, shimmering swimming pools, laughter, catching fireflies and playing the best games (like Ghost-in-the-Graveyard) after dusk. Summer is still magical for adults – especially the time we spend with our families and friends.

WeInvite is all about bringing people together, whether for business or fun. There's something about celebrating for any reason or no reason at all during this glorious, golden season. We have some fun and unique summer party ideas to inspire, whether during a day at the beach, the lake, by the pool or in your own backyard.

Here are party ideas you can mix and match across occasions as you like -- let's get going!

1. 4th of July Party

Dinner Recipe Showdown

Independence Day is the day to celebrate with a red, white and blue color-coordinated party. Consider using fresh flowers; they're a great way to dive into this color palette while staying light and fresh. If you have your flowers in pots, you can enjoy them all summer long.

2. Classic Cookout  

Holiday Tea Party

Savor delicious classic grilled foods like hot dogs, steak, hamburgers, chicken and corn on the cob. Set tables with quintessential red and white checkered tablecloths, and you've got a start on a summer cookout.

3. Outdoor Movie Night

Holiday Brunch

Sure, a movie theater is an air-conditioned oasis on hot days, but your backyard is the most fun place to watch a flick. Find a projector to display the movie or use an AirPlay-type feature to view a summer classic like The Sandlot, National Lampoon's Vacation or Summer Vacation; even horror movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Friday the 13th if everyone within seeing and hearing distance can handle it!

Hang some outdoor string lights and ask your guests to bring their own blankets and lawn chairs to chill out in while you take care of the snacks.

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