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Host a Successful Online Conference in Five Easy Steps

Conferences and webinars are great ways to ramp up brand awareness, widen your network and generate leads. Conference opportunities are wide-open thanks to the internet, and attendees have great experiences from the comfort of their own homes. Benefits to online conferences include reaching a larger audience and saving time and money. With the right tools and an internet connection, technology enables memorable events no matter the distance. 

WeInvite is here to help you plan and host your online conference, and we have five steps for you to follow to impress attendees and reach your goals. 

1. Choose an Appealing Conference Topic  

The number of registrations 

First, pick an intriguing conference topic and speakers. Like an in-person conference, you need valuable subject matter to your audience and entices them to register. We recommend choosing a specific focus because a broad topic may last for hours – a tiresome process for attendees.

We suggest highlighting the conference’s values and objectives on all marketing materials: landing pages, websites, social media channels, and emails. It helps to remember that a virtual meeting may take days or weeks to set up – the simpler it is, the easier it is to manage.

Here is what to keep in mind when you’re coming up with your topics:

  • Relevance – Research what topics interest your audience. Leverage questions and information you’ve received from employees, customers and stakeholders.
  • Depth and Breadth – A healthy mix of topics and deep dives into specific problems in your market builds credibility and maintains interest.
  • Trends – Use a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner to help you understand what kinds of solutions your audience looks for and address them during your conference.
  • Connect to KPIs – Connect your product and service conversations to specific benefits. Your attendees need to know how those benefits affect their bottom line.

2. Pick the Right Online Conference Platform 

Attendee Engagement

With your topic and speakers set, it’s time to pick your conferencing tools. You’ll find an overabundance of event platforms, so make sure you find one that’s efficient and has the best features.

Look for a conference platform that:

  • Is scalable and cloud-based
  • Offers secure access
  • Has HD video and audio
  • Includes whiteboarding and polling
  • Offers customizable backgrounds
  • It provides a unique landing page and social media streaming

  • Has integrated video conferencing
  • Offers APIs
  • Includes breakout sessions
  • Has recording options
  • Offers gaming choices
  • Provides a secure payment gateway
  • Offers reporting and analytics to measure your event’s performance

In addition to features, find out if a platform offers support to help you get through your online conference. Since a Virtual event might take several days to set up, you’ll need expertise, so your event runs smoothly. The WeInvite event platform offers all these features and more.

3. Find Your Speakers

Website Visits

Find great speakers for your event – they’ll boost brand visibility and encourage more people to join your audience.

We recommend you choose speakers with the following qualities:  

  • Proven Expertise – Your speakers should have experience at premier companies and producing results.
  • Affordable Fees – Create an appropriate fee arrangement; consider offering a sales percentage rather than a flat fee.
  • Social Media Following – Seek out influencers with a following you can leverage for cross-promotions. Doing this will attract a wider audience of sales prospects.

Let’s move on to the next step: promotion.

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