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How to Host a Successful Virtual Event: Tips and... Best Practices!

One of the toughest challenges during COVID times has been the lack of human interactions. We are social beings and we like to meet friends and family. Over the years, social events like parties and gatherings have become a part and parcel of our lives and it is difficult to do without them! And, so since 2020, we are trying to accomplish our desire of socializing with virtual social events!

Virtual events have become the safest way for people to interact since the onset of the pandemic. Whether it is corporate meetings, team events, charity auctions, or even birthday parties or baby showers, they are all done virtually

Although virtual events cannot replace the thrill of face-to-face meetings, they have created an alternate means of interaction. Many families even host regular virtual meetings without any event to celebrate just so that they can have all members together and spend quality time.

The toughest challenge in a virtual event is keeping the audience engaged throughout the event. This is because when people are not physically present at the event, they tend to get bored and try to leave the event. Sometimes technological glitches also mar the event experience. Therefore, event hosts need to spend some time planning and organizing the logistics before the event is hosted. They need to ensure that they have things like technology, agenda of the event, sequence of activities, etc. planned well in advance before the event is hosted so that the event proceeds seamlessl.

Here Are Some Tips to Host a Virtual Event Successfully

1. Nature of the Event:

What you do at a virtual party depends on the nature of the event being celebrated. For instance, the planning for a kid’s birthday party will be quite different from that of a corporate event. All aspects of the party like the number of guests, who your guests will be, the theme of the party, will depend totally on the type of event being celebrate

2. Decide on the Date and Time of the Event

that you host the virtual event during the weekend or on a day that is convenient for attendees. Not just the date even the time of the event must be selected that it is convenient for most people to attend. Sometimes it is difficult to organize events to suit the convenience of all attendees especially when they are located in different time zones. In such cases, it is best to choose a timing that suits the majority of the group.

Also, while deciding the time of the event it is better to be a little flexible and offer 2-3 options so that your guests can choose the timing best suited for them. You can schedule the event based on the time slot preferred by the maximum number of potential guests.

3. Choose the Best Technology

There are several virtual event platforms to choose from for organizing the event. It is recommended that you compare different platforms available and choose one that best meets your needs. While selecting the platform for your event make sure that as a host you are comfortable using the platform. It is a good idea to select a user-friendly platform that your guests can use easily. Try to avoid choosing platforms that are technologically complicated and difficult for a layman to use. Also, use technology that works without a hassle.

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